5 Ways to Effortlessly Save Money


Developing a good saving habit is not always easy but it can be done. You just need to make a decision to start. Here are five tips that can help you.

Have a budget

Make a budget at the beginning of every month before spending your income. A budget helps in establishing your money priorities and cutting back the non-priorities. It should include all your regular payments like rent, car fuel, food and public transport. Keep receipts of all your expenses to help you track how you have used your money. Always stick to your budget.

Make a savings plan

 Set aside a fixed amount that you will be saving every month. It can be a certain percentage of your income. You can request your Accounts department to be deducting a certain amount from your salary and transfer it to a fixed deposit account or in a SACCO of your choice.

Purchase at a bargain

Take advantage of flash sales at your favourite stores. Most stores offer discounts annually. This means you buy items at a cheaper cost. For example, in an electronics store, if there’s a 50% discount on all items, a TV that normally retails at $800 would now retail at $400. This saves you $400.

Have something to save for

Have a savings goal and save towards it. It could be college fees, annual vacation with family, building your dream home or even purchasing your dream car. This will help you know how much to put aside so as to achieve the goal.

Have another source of income

Side hustles are a good way of increasing your income, therefore increasing the amount you can save. A side hustle can be anything you enjoy doing apart from your main job. For example, if you are good at drawing and painting, you can make some portraits and sell them in exhibitions or  in different stores thus earning you extra money.


Saving money gives you financial security. To enable you have that security, cut all unnecessary spending, take advantage of deals, put aside any extra income you earn and have a plan on how you spend your money.

Which other ways have helped you save money? Share in the comments section below.

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