Seven lessons learned from Covid 19

When 2020 began, most people were excited, and as is the norm, we set our new year’s resolutions. A new year signifies new beginnings for most people. None of us would have imagined a pandemic lay ahead of us, that the pandemic would change our lives forever. Here are seven lessons this Covid 19 period has taught me.

The art of gratitude.
Covid 19 period has shown me so many things that I take for granted—breathing freely, moving freely, hugging and shaking hands with friends and loved ones, spending time with those I love, among others.
Wearing masks has got to be the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever had to do. In the beginning, it was difficult to breathe with them. Oh, what a blessing it is to breathe freely.
In Kenya, we didn’t have a lockdown, but we had a cessation of movement. You couldn’t move into some parts of the country unless with authorization. This meant no visiting my parents and friends, salons, entertainment joints among other places. These were things I freely did.
This period has truly shown me what a privilege it is just to be alive, breathe freely, and have the freedom of movement, and to have a job during a pandemic still.

Save more.
On the onset of covid 19, most people lost their jobs. Businesses shut down as lockdown loomed in most parts of the world. This season has taught me how critical it is to have savings. They have come in handy for most people.

Have multiple streams of income.
After the massive job losses that came with covid 19, it’s now clear that one can’t depend on a single source of income. Things can suddenly come to a halt, and life must continue. One needs something to fall back on once the mainstream collapses.

Some people have sanitized and washed their hands more times than they have ever done. A visit to the hospitals showed very few patients, as most people kept away. People have not had common cold and flu thanks to the hygiene standards we have all kept in our homes and workplaces. This level of hygiene should continue covid notwithstanding.

Embrace technology.
This season has proven that we can hold meetings wherever one is via zoom and or other platforms. It has also proven that employees can do some jobs from home. Companies ought to embrace the ever-changing technology as it makes work easier and reduces cost.

Live my life fully.
I have learned to enjoy my life fully. Visit places I have always wanted to, enjoy time with my loved ones, start my business. I have learned not to procrastinate as no one knows what the future holds. Things can change when you least expect them to.

We all need each other.
Covid 19 period has shown me the importance of being my brother/sister’s keeper. With people losing their only source of income, giving to those in need is paramount. With mental health issues on the rise during this season, it’s important to check on our friends.

It’s no doubt that life as we knew it has changed. As we slowly adjust, I hope to carry with us the lessons we have learned and become better people. Let us start each day with a thankful heart, help those in need, be flexible to the changing times and save more.
What lessons have you drawn from this period?


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